Friday, November 7, 2008

This is our Clubhouse!

This is a Clubhouse! It belongs to Anna and several of her friends who live near us. There are a couple of empty lots around us that the girls have staked claim to. They have gathered items to add some ambiance and have been spending a lot of time hanging out and guarding the property. No boys are allowed, of course.
The other day a neighbor from several houses down the street walked over and asked if I had seen anyone suspicious around her yard because her lounge chair was missing. She was a bit distraught and worried that it had been stolen. We discussed the situation and just came to the conclusion that the economy has led people to resort to stealing which resulted in her lounge chair disappearance. I went inside and got back to what I was doing when all of a sudden I had this know the feeling.....a light bulb moment....a sort of hey! wait a minute kind of, I know where that chair might be......but oh, surely not!! I went and told Ted the whole story, and we marched right over to the clubhouse and low and behold, right there stretched out in lounge fashion for the Queen of Sheeba was that lady's chair! I did a big Motherly gasp and said, " how could they take this chair from someone's yard??" When the girls were confronted they said that the chair was found out in the middle of nowhere! Ted simply picked up the chair and carried it down the street and put it back in the nice lady's yard. She was not home at the time. That was several days ago......she has moved the chair back to the spot it was originally, but has no idea how the chair got back into her yard. The girls have been going to her house everyday after school to explain...that should be interesting to hear....and apologize, but she has not been home. They will apologize! and hopefully the Mrs. will have an understanding heart and not be too hard on them....afterall, the chair was out in the middle of nowhere!


Greeneville Tennessee said...

This is such a great story! There were many forts for me, Ted & Glen and it was some of the most fun times ever!! Thanks for sharing! You will have to let us know how the Mrs. Neighbor reacts to the girls. I hope understanding! love Aunt Janet

frankjean said...

Wonderful Story. Probably reminds all of us of our own childhood days.