Saturday, May 30, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Well, we haven't been doing swimming for a while because it would be too much to overlap with baseball and softball. Anna and Grice did one session of level 4 which is to teach perfection of the strokes. This summer I plan to get them back to do level 4 until they have mastered it. That could take several more sessions, but it is such great exercise and they also learn water safety. Tonight I was looking through older pictures and found these two of them swimming and I realized that I happened to get the exact same shot of each of them!

This is for the Birds!!!

Last weekend we bought a new bird feeder to replace the one blown into the lake by the wind. We have been so excited to see new and different beautiful birds coming to our yard. Lately we have not seen quite as many birds, and I guess THIS is why! "Rascal" does not seem to be afraid of us and must really like bird seed as an afternoon snack.