Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stop Grumbling!

I thought I would share something that we talked about last week in BSF. Our speaker talked about grumbling in relation to the Israelites complaining to Moses about being thirsty as he led them out of Egypt. She mentioned a difference between expressing your needs and grumbling. When someone blames someone else for something that is called grumbling. How often do we do this? She continued to say that complaints lay right at the feet of God, and when we grumble we are grumbling against God. We have no right to complain against things because God has placed us where we are and provides all that we need, and it is always right on time. He engineers our circumstances so we will get what He wants us to get out of it. Whatever He is doing, He is fitting us for a plan. When He does provide something for us He is showing us His glory as he did for the Israelites by providing for them with water and manna. The conclusion of the lecture encouraged everyone to fast from grumbling and complaining for 24 hours. I walked out of the lecture and didn't even get down the hall when I caught myself complaining. Wow! It just shows how much we really do try to find fault in just about everything. The fasting has stuck with me for longer than 24 hours, and I am trying to stop it completely. I have had the most pleasant past 6 days!
Grumbling tears down, finds fault in everything, and keeps you from being thankful.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that you were in BSF. I was in it for 9 years and was a discussion leader for 2 years. I have received so much from my studies. I have even gone back and studied lessons again. Your teaching leader sounds good, too. Glad to hear y'all are well and I hope the turtle gets found uneaten!

The Fortenberrys said...

What is BSF and where do you find it? Is it only at certain churches?