Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in the Neighborhood

Halloween Fun!!!

We had a fun time last night! It all started when the kids got off the bus......we rushed home and got costumes, wigs, etc. on and headed to the other side of the neighborhood where there we two parties going. Anna went to one party and I took Grice and his twin friends to the other. There were games, tons of food and just lots of fun. After all the Dads got there the kids loaded up on a trailer for a Hayride and trick or treating. I went home to give out candy. Ted , Anna and Grice made it home around 9:00. They had lots of candy and treats, and they were really tired. Around 10:00 Ted went upstairs to tuck Anna in and I went to take Daisy out to potty. This is our usual nightime ritual. Grice brushes his teeth and waits for me in his bed. Well, when I got back from walking Daisy I found Grice wrapped up in a blanket sound asleep on the rug in the foyer by the front door. I guess he was too tired to make it upstairs and passed out waiting for me by the front door. Ted said Anna fell asleep in the middle of her prayers. I have to say that it didn't take Mom and Dad long to fall asleep either. It was a fun night!


The Fortenberrys said...

It looks like they had a blast. I love seeing all the kids in their costumes; that is actually why I love passing out candy for trick-or-treaters. They are all so cute. Glad you all had fun!

Janet said...

Halloween was a great night for us too! One little trick or treater around 6 told me when i gave him candy... "this is the best Halloween EVER!" He was so cute! Made me smile! Sounds like you all had a great night!! I may get brave and do one of these blogs too!

Mind Your Manors said...

Love seeing the kiddos. Looks like they had a blast! We all had a big time too. I'll keep checking out your blog. Miss you!

KStrait said...

I love it! You have inspired me to make an attempt at creating our own family blog (very basic for now). The kids are getting so big, it is hard to believe they grow up so fast. Keep us "posted"!