Monday, April 13, 2009

Couple voted Parents of the Year for rescue of lost hamster!

A seven year old boy was distraught when he discovered that he had left the cover off his hamster, Bandit's space ship! The cage had been opened, for all he knew, 24 hours. But who really knows? And is that really important here?? NO! What is important in this miraculous rescue is that this boy has some pretty awesome parents!! This husband and wife team went on a hamster search that can't hold a candle to the FBI. Late tonight they simply decided to "sit and listen". This, of course, was the wife's idea. Almost minutes later a scratching noise came from the half bath. They went wide eyed in the direction of the frantic scritch scratch and knew they had found Bandit! They looked at each other and faintly whispered, "it's him!" "He is stuck in the wall!" What a relief it was for these parents to find their son's adored pet alive! After a great deal of time trying to lure Bandit out of the wall through the hole under the vanity that he had used to escape...uh, I mean lose his way, the husband went for his tools. As you can see from the photos ,taken way past their bed times, that everyone was thrilled. What a celebration there will be at breakfast in the morning! The boy and hamster will be reunited and the proud parents will bask in their moment of glory for rescuing this small creature that could have been anywhere! And with only two holes in wall! Ahhhhh, and as I close this post, what a wonderful sound it is to hear Bandit running at the speed of light on his little green wheel. Welcome back, Bandit!

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Greeneville Tennessee said...

Love the hamster rescue story!!What excitement! I am glad ya'll got him out and Bandit is now safe and sound!